Roman traces on the Via Valentiniana

Cycling in Cuijk, North Brabant, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Land van Cuijk

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In Roman times a busy traffic route ran along the Meuse. This bike tour, called Via Valentiniana, takes you along a section of this Roman road. Along the way you will learn more about the history of this road and you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape.

From Cuijk to Vierlingsbeek
The starting point of this route is in Cuijk. North of Ceuclum, present-day Cuijk, the Roman road used to run from Tongeren to Nijmegen via the Maasheggen area. The road then continued to Cuijk, Boxmeer and Vierlingsbeek. At Cuijk the road crossed the Maas via a Roman bridge. During this bike tour you will explore the area south of Cuijk. You can tell from the Roman banners, helmets and information boards along the route which part of this route used to be part of the Roman road. On the information boards you will find more information about what certain places such as Boxmeer looked like in Roman times.

Traces from Roman times
Visit Museum Ceuclum to get an even better idea of what this area looked like in Roman times. Here you will find models of various structures and objects from this time. You can also settle down en route at t Veerhuis and't Genot Drinks, Dinner & Grill for a tasty snack and a drink.

Emperor Valentinian
The Via Valentiniana is named after the Roman Emperor Valentinian. He spent a lot of time on infrastructure during the time he ruled. For example, he had the road built along the Maas. De Keizer probably painted the area around Cuijk in 368 AD. Visited to see the road. In short, you follow in the footsteps of the emperor on this route.
Would you like to read more about the Via Valentiniana and the Roman traces in the Land van Cuijk? Then take a look here.
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Land van Cuijk

The Land van Cuijk in the northeast of Brabant consists of one city and 32 villages in a breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful landscape. Get acquainted with the natural beauty and the interesting culture and history that you will find everywhere in this area. The traces of the past are here for the taking.

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# Description Distance
4 (5431DP, Cuijk, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Romeinse brug (Waaistraat, 5431 DP, Cuijk, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 0.01 km
TimeTravel | Buitenmuseum Cuijk (Castellum , 5431 EM, Cuijk, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 0.37 km
Museum Ceuclum (Castellum , 5431 EM, Cuijk, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 0.46 km
69 (Grotestraat, 5431DL, Cuijk, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 0.59 km
71 (Grotestraat, 5431HD, Cuijk, Noord-Brabant, Nederland) 1.47 km

Place name directory

  • Cuijk, North Brabant
  • Cuijk, Noord-Brabant
  • Sint Agatha, Noord-Brabant
  • Boxmeer, Noord-Brabant
  • Oeffelt, Noord-Brabant
  • Sambeek, Noord-Brabant
  • Groeningen, Noord-Brabant
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