Castle route Central Limburg

Maasgouw - Limburg - The Netherlands

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44.64 km
786 kcal
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A varied route along different castles, where you can enjoy beautiful parks and botanical gardens. Along the way you will also discover special nature reserves and the Maasplassen.

What is the largest contiguous water sports area in the Netherlands? Central Limburg, with the Maas and Maasplassen! You will soon cycle between two of those lakes: the Boschmolenplas and the Lange Vlieter. The forests and heaths of the Beegderheide show the region from a completely different side. At Eetcafe Aan de Kirk you can enjoy a nice lunch, further on you can take a look at Castle Horn: one of the oldest Dutch ring wall castles that is still intact.

Cuyperhout Museum
In Haelen you can see the beautiful medieval Castle Aldenghoor, where you can walk through the park. You can easily drive to Kelpen between meadows and fields. Get off at Grandcafé Bie de Tied, before cycling further through the beautiful Limburg countryside. In the Cuyperhout Museum you will find a colorful collection of objects.

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