Walking along the water from's-Gravenzande

Hiking in Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

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19.9 km
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1130 kcal
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Puddles, canals and the sea accompany you on this beautiful walking route around the beautiful old's-Gravenzande. Along the way you look out over the dunes and then over the greenhouses again. Variety trumps!

's-Gravenzande already received city rights in 1246 from Count Willem II of Holland. Like his father, Count Floris IV, he stayed here regularly - hence the name's-Gravenzande. The sand in the name refers to the silted Maas estuary, where the town originated. In their Westlands they call the town very differently: Breeje Durp.

Watery walk
You immediately walk to the Plas van alle Winden, which is part of the Poelzone: a connecting zone from the dunes to the woods near Naaldwijk. A little later you will see even more water if you follow the Vlotwatering all the way to the sea. You follow the coastline to Hoek van Holland, where you cross through the beautiful rugged dune area, back into civilization. You walk back behind the dunes, with views over the greenhouses.

Note: part of this route runs over the beach. This route is therefore not completely paved and not equally easily accessible for everyone everywhere.


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# Description Distance
38 (Verlengde Poelkade, 2692, Westland, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 0.00 km
47 (Groote Gantel, 2691MX, Westland, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 0.46 km
50 (Meloenlaan, 2681MA, Westland, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 1.55 km
70 (Meloenlaan, 2681MA, Westland, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 1.69 km
20 (Otterschelp, 2681DL, Westland, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 3.42 km
10 (Arendsduin, 2691JK, Westland, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 4.15 km

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  • Westland, South Holland
  • Westland, Zuid-Holland
  • Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland
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