Round Round Hoop

Hiking in De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

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This walk is distinguished by the beautiful view over the polders. Discover a special nature reserve and enjoy the silence, a stone's throw from Amsterdam.

Round Hoop
The vast Ronde Hoep is a quiet area that consists mainly of grassland. This former low moor area was already cultivated between 1100 and 1300. The age-old ditch pattern is still visible in the allotments. On the edge of the polder you will discover the Botshol. This nature reserve consists of an abandoned peat area with large ponds, ditches, reed land and swamp forest. You can spot many birds and orchids. Moreover, there is a wonderfully refreshing silence here.

You will also pass two forts that belong to the Defense Line of Amsterdam: Fort in de Botshol and Fort Waver-Amstel. Now they are special nature reserves. Fort de Botshol has never been completed: you only see an elevation in the landscape, bunkers have never been built. On the Waverdijk you walk along the meandering Oude Waver, with beautiful views over the polder Ronde Hoep.

Place of interest Fort

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# Description Distance
41 (1191, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Fort Waver-Amstel (Fort Waver-Amstel, 3646AC, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 10.00 km
33 (Botshol, 1391HP, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 13.17 km
34 (Waverdijk, 3646AS, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 13.41 km
Fort in de Botshol (Fort in de Botshol, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 13.63 km
31 (Botshol, 1391HN, De Ronde Venen, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 16.73 km

Place name directory

  • De Ronde Venen, Utrecht
  • Ouder-Amstel, North Holland
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