Nice cycling through the wide Waterland

Cycling in Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands

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In Waterland you make a beautiful bike ride through the wide polders. You will find high Dutch skies and characteristic old villages.

Picturesque Durgerdam
The route starts at the IJmeer. Walk up the dike to enjoy the view over the water, in the distance you can see the Amsterdam skyline. You will soon pass through the protected cityscape of Durgerdam. Be careful not to fall off your bike, because it is so picturesque here! One centuries-old wooden house is even more beautiful than the other. Further on you drive along the Kinselmeer, which was created by the Saint Elisabeth flood in 1421.

National Landscape
The low-lying Waterland is so unique in the Netherlands that it has been designated a National Landscape by the government. What peace you will find here! In Watergang you can see some characteristic black tarred hay houses, the Dorpsstraat is the narrowest village street in the Netherlands. You will also pass the visitor center of the Ilperveld, where you will learn more about this special nature reserve. At Café De Drie Zwanen you can grab a terrace to get stronger.

Parking Bicycle cafe

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# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats (Durgerdammerdijk, 1026BX, Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
47 (Durgerdammerdijk, 1026CM, Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands) 1.64 km
79 (Uitdammerdijk, 1028BC, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 5.43 km
77 (Dorpsstraat, 1154PR, Waterland, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 9.02 km
75 (Aandammergouw, 1153PA, Waterland, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 11.92 km
76 (Poppendammergouw, 1028BD, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 13.19 km

Place name directory

  • Amsterdam, North Holland
  • Waterland, North Holland
  • Landsmeer, North Holland
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