On your way through the Lage and Hoge Bergse bos

Lansingerland - South Holland - The Netherlands

Hiking route 725566

Provided by: Vereniging Natuurmonumenten

16950 471
11.10 km
631 kcal
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North of Rotterdam and Capelle aan den IJssel you will find a small-scale green area full of water and natural beauty. Go out and enjoy the peace and space that can be found here, a stone's throw from the busy city.

Forests, hills and water
The starting point of this route is located in a parking lot just outside Rotterdam. Drop your car here and get ready for a nice walk. From here you walk through the Lage Bergse Bos to the Hoge Bergse Bos. The landscape here alternates between lakes, forests and open areas. Part of the area is grazed by Scottish Highlanders. This leaves enough room for all kinds of plants to grow. The Hoge Bergse Bos is more hilly than the Lage Bergse Bos. These hills were created by the disposal of demolition and construction waste, but you don't see it anymore nowadays.

Sporty on the road
This area is not only suitable for beautiful walks. You will also find an artificial ski slope, a mountain bike trail and much more. Sports enthusiasts can absolutely indulge themselves here. You will also find a watchtower here that you can climb to view the area from above.

Bird watching
The water and open plains in this area attract all kinds of birds. Take a good look around here and you might spot special birds such as a pheasant, a kestrel or a buzzard. Especially during the breeding season you have a good chance of seeing one of these birds.
Vereniging Natuurmonumenten

The cycle routes of Natuurmonumenten on www.route.nl give you a special natural view of the Netherlands. You can completely relax in the small and large-scale nature reserves. Be sure to visit the visitor centers of Natuurmonumenten and be inspired.

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