Drentse Fiets4Day 60 km route Friday 2017

  • The Netherlands
  • Drenthe
  • Midden-Drenthe
  • 58.92 km (Approximately 03:27 u)
  • Cycling route 641143

Drentse Fiets4Day 60 km route Friday 2017

  • The Netherlands
  • Drenthe
  • Midden-Drenthe
  • 58.92 km (Approximately 03:27 u)
  • Cycling route 641143
On the last day of this 4 day trip, the route heads east to Elp. On the way there is stamping at Café De Brug in Zuidveld. After Elp, the Staatsbossen come into view, with the possibility to take a cooling dip at the Ieberenplas. The remainder of the route leads for a large part through the Staatsbossen, occasionally interrupted by a landscape with extensive meadows.
In Grolloo you are in the village where the blues musician Harry Muskee caused a furore with his band Cuby & the Blizzards. There is a museum of the same name that can be visited. There is a stamping post at the well-known café Hofsteenge.
Continuing the route, you will pass the Boomkroonpad with the possibility to really walk through the tops of trees.
After Borger you go in the direction of Exloo, where you can not only stamp, but also plaster at Café Hotel Bussemaker.
Along the way, the tea house'Pools height\\\' is a unique location, where there is, among other things, a watchtower. Then the route continues west along Eeserveen again to Elp, where you can stamp at the Pannenkoekenboerderij. You can plaster there or further on at Café De Brug (Restaurant de Steakerij) in Zuidveld, and then cycle the last route to Westerbork.


# Description Distance
Abdij de Westerburcht (Hoofdstraat, 9431 AB, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
90 (9431AD, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 0.22 km
97 (9431TV, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 1.76 km
97 (9431TV, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 2.13 km
55 (9432TR, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 4.28 km
50 (Hoofdstraat, 9442PC, Midden-Drenthe, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 6.93 km

Pause places

Pannenkoekenrestaurant De Strohoed

Egbertsweg 19
9442 PL Midden-Drenthe

Pancake restaurant De Strohoed can be found in Elp, Drenthe, a stone's throw from Kamp Westerbork. Here you can enjoy pancakes with almost any special diet, so that everyone at the table can enjoy this delicious Old Dutch good. The menu also includes other lunch and dinner dishes. The children fully enjoy the playground, while you enjoy a late dinner in the pancake restaurant or on the terrace. For the little ones there are also a number of toy tractors. De Strohoed is the ideal resting point for all cyclists, walkers and families to relax on the Drenthe Highlands.

Restaurant De Börker

Gagelmaat 4
9431 KT Midden-Drenthe

The centrally located restaurant at Het Timmerholt holiday park is a great place for lunch or dinner. Drink a cup of coffee or tea around the fireplace or enjoy a drink or fresh soft ice cream on the terrace. There are plenty of opportunities for children to play, outside in the large playground, but there is also a large arcade inside. Eating & drinking at Restaurant De Borker is also ideal for family or group gatherings, whether or not in combination with a stay at Holiday Park Het Timmerholt. Our specialty is the barbecue package. You can barbecue both in the restaurant and outside. So the weather is never a bummer anymore.


Molen van Grolloo

Tjasker Grolloo
9444PS Aa en Hunze

This polder mill was already built in 1930, but Grolloo has only been in the Grollo? Rveen nature reserve since 1986. The mill is only a tourist attraction, otherwise the mill has no function.


7873TE Borger-Odoorn

Tower that is used to view and monitor the surrounding area from a high point

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