Fortress walk at the Maarsseveense Plassen

Hiking in Stichtse Vecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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The Maarsseveense Plassen form a beautiful mosaic of green and blue. But there is also quite a bit of cultural history on your route: you will pass two forts from the New Dutch Waterline.

Dutch Waterline
You will soon walk to Fort Maarsseveen/C-Fordt. This fortification, built in 1880-1881, closed off the Maarsseveense Vaart and the dikes of the Maarsseveense and Tienhovense Polders. Around the fortress you can still see a few wooden houses. Fort De Gagel, a little further on, was built around 1820 and is open to the public. It's worth taking a look!

Maarsseveense Plassen
The route leads you largely along the leafy banks of the Maarsseveense Plassen. It is wonderful to walk here. Unlike other lakes in this region, the Maarsseveense Plassen does not have an ancient history. They were not formed by peat extraction, but were excavated in the late 1960s for the construction of the Utrecht district of Overvecht. Yet here you see the same'primal nature\\\' as at the other lakes. A beautiful area, where you can spot a lot of birds!

Restaurant Fort

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# Description Distance
Fort Maarsseveen/C-Fordt (Scouting Willy Hemsgroep, 3602AP, Stichtse Vecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
84 (3602AN, Stichtse Vecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 1.34 km
88 (3602AK, Stichtse Vecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 3.16 km
32 (3564XK, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 4.24 km
Fort de Gagel (Fort De Gagel (NHW), 3564XK, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 4.36 km
33 (3564XK, Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 4.78 km

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  • Stichtse Vecht, Utrecht
  • Utrecht, Utrecht
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