Through the green heart of the Kempen

Eersel - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 582984

Provided by: Brabantse Natuurpoorten

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34.05 km
600 kcal
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Located in the Brabantse Kempen and in the Land of the Eight Beatitudes, Natuurpoort TerSpegelt is the starting point for this beautiful tour through a beautiful Burgundian border region with a rich history. Napoleon left his mark on the Cartierheide and the forests were the grounds of smugglers for centuries. The landscape of the Kempen tells stories, but also offers an oasis of tranquility. In addition to the Cartierheide and the Peelse Heide, the route takes you past three other Nature Gates and through the cozy village centers of some of the Ach Zaliteiten.

Would you like to enjoy good food and drinks after your trip through this beautiful and natural border area? De Keizer food & drink at Naturpoort TerSpegelt is the perfect location for that! On the sunny terrace, on the veranda by the fireplace or in the restaurant. Delicious dishes are served here, partly prepared in the unique charcoal oven. De Keizer is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am.

Would you like to know more about beautiful nature reserves and beautiful starting locations in Brabant? Then take a look at & nbsp; or on
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Brabantse Natuurpoorten

Brabant Nature Gates are d? starting points for a cycling or walking tour through the Brabant countryside. Nature gates are located on beautiful nature reserves. There is always a catering point, nice cycling and walking routes, ample parking and information about nature and the routes.

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