Enjoy a terrace at the port of Elburg

Dronten - Flevoland - The Netherlands

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A lovely walk on both sides of the Veluwerandmeren. Along the way you will discover special places, such as the harbor of Elburg and the beautiful Reve-Abbertbos.

Cozy Havenkade
You walk through the forest to the historic harbor head of Elburg, which looks like it did in 1910. This harbor head, called'Kop van't Ende\\\', formed the entrance to the harbor with the two breakwaters. van Elburg - until the reclamation of the Flevopolder. The breakwaters have also been restored to their former glory. You walk along the cozy Havenkade, just outside the old fortress of the former Hanseatic city of Elburg, and through Havendijkje with its cute old houses.

Reve Abbertbos
You continue walking behind the Zomerdijk, the polder landscape here is just as extensive as in Flevoland. Beautiful winding dikes with old farms lead you along the edge of Kampen. Back on Flevoland you dive into the Reve-Abbertbos, where special plants occur. All kinds of animals come here, such as the scallop butterfly and various woodpeckers. Stay another night at Camping De Ruimte, there is much more to walk here!

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