Along vineyards and the Elzetterbos

Vaals - Limburg - The Netherlands

Hiking route 549611

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9.32 km
529 kcal
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Your route starts at Hotel Vijlerhof, high on the Vijlenberg in Vijlen. You soon walk to Wijngaard St. Martinus, another place where the holiday feeling naturally presents itself. This is the highest vineyard in the country and here too you can enjoy beautiful views from the terrace. You continue walking through Melleschet and Rott, two cute half-timbered hamlets. It goes higher and higher, up the flanks of the Vijlenerberg. You walk through the Vijlenerbossen, a vast deciduous forest that follows the entire ridge from Vaals to Epen. You walk slowly down again, through another beautiful village with a handful of half-timbered houses: Elzet. You cross the Lombergbeek or Mechelderbeek, a tributary of the Geul, and then you see the starting point popping up again.

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Pause places

Below you will find various suggestions for breaks that you can visit during your route. These are divided into different categories, making it easy for you to choose.

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