Through the heart of Westerwolde

Cycling in Stadskanaal, Groningen, The Netherlands

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1081 kcal
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From Gasterij Natural Smeerling you drive to Ter Apel, a route with great natural beauty and Groningen cultural history. Central to this route is the idyllic stream valley of the Ruiten Aa, the heart of the Groningen region of Westerwolde. The first few hundred meters you immediately get acquainted with the valley of the Ruiten Aa. In addition to an invigorating silence, here you will find grain-covered ash trees and grasslands fringed with woods. After having ridden a few kilometers through the vast Groningen fields, you cycle into the Sellingerbossen at the Ruiten Aa. You will also find the Theater of Nature here, a unique nature viewing hill. At Ter Apel you will pass the famous medieval Crosier monastery from 1465, a building that belongs to the Top 100 of Dutch UNESCO monuments.

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# Description Distance
Gasterij Natuurlijk Smeerling (Smeerling, 9591 TX, Stadskanaal, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Gasterij Natuurlijk Smeerling (Smeerling, 9591 TX, Onstwedde, Groningen, Nederland) 0.00 km
50 (Smeerling, 9591TX, Stadskanaal, Groningen, Nederland) 0.15 km
40 (Harpel, Groningen, Nederland) 5.51 km
41 (Molenkampweg, 9541TK, Westerwolde, Groningen, Nederland) 7.55 km
14 (Heidenslegerweg, 9551TV, Westerwolde, Groningen, Nederland) 11.57 km

Place name directory

  • Stadskanaal, Groningen
  • Onstwedde, Groningen
  • Harpel, Groningen
  • Westerwolde, Groningen
  • Ter Apel, Groningen
  • Vlagtwedde, Groningen
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