The Blue Ommegang Route

Cycling in Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium

Cycling route 541058

Provided by: Plan Bier

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63.3 km
03:43 h
1115 kcal
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This route lets you enjoy the beautiful natural beauty along the Scheldt and Dender. You will also pass through picturesque towns such as Dendermonde. And you can make a loop towards the Buggenhoutbos, a beautiful ancient deciduous forest.

Vlassenbroek Polder
Along the Scheldt are some surprisingly quiet swampy nature reserves. For example, from the dyke you look out over the Vlassenbroekse polder, a beautiful reserve that lies in a meander of the Scheldt. The landscape here consists of a mix of creeks and ditches, meadows and freshwater marshes. On the edge of this polder you drive through the picturesque Vlassenbroek, a village that symbolizes peace and conviviality. You can see here, among other things, the beautiful medieval Saint Gertrude's Church.

Dendermonde is undoubtedly the gem on your route. Set aside plenty of time to take a good look at the historic sights in the old city center. In addition to medieval buildings and stately mansions, you will also see the fourteenth-century town hall with Belfry around the car-free (!) Market. Another eye-catcher is the Vleeshuis from 1461. The gothic Church of Our Lady dates back to the thirteenth century.

Plan Bier

Take a trip through the beautiful nature reserves of East Flanders and then immediately plan a break at one of the many breweries that you will encounter here. Plan Bier takes you along the nicest breweries and regional beer cafes in the region of 's Waasland, Scheldeland and the Flemish Ardennes. That will be enjoyable!

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# Description Distance
91 (Veerstraat, 9200, Dendermonde, Vlaanderen, België) 0.00 km
58 (Sint-Ursmarusstraat, 9200, Dendermonde, Vlaanderen, België) 6.32 km
76 (Mariekerke, 2880, Bornem, Vlaanderen, België) 11.72 km
67 (Kaai, 2890, Puurs-Sint-Amands, Vlaanderen, België) 13.25 km
10 (Brielstraat, 9255, Buggenhout, Vlaanderen, België) 15.49 km
11 (Kuitegemstraat, 2890, Puurs-Sint-Amands, Vlaanderen, België) 16.98 km

Place name directory

  • Dendermonde, Flanders
  • Dendermonde, Vlaanderen
  • Hamme, Vlaanderen
  • Sint-Amands, Antwerpen
  • Bornem, Vlaanderen
  • Bornem, Antwerpen
  • Puurs-Sint-Amands, Vlaanderen
  • Buggenhout, Vlaanderen
  • Londerzeel, Vlaanderen
  • Lebbeke, Vlaanderen
  • Dendermonde, Oost-Vlaanderen
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