Cycling through the polder between Arnhem and Nijmegen

Nijmegen - Gelderland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 538645

Provided by: Kingpolis

5079 316
43.52 km
767 kcal
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It is wonderful cycling in the Lingewaard and the Overbetuwe. You will find special nature reserves, orchards and plenty of cultural history. For example, you will pass the Monument Crossing Waal near Nijmegen. Here a battalion of American soldiers crossed the river during Operation Market Garden. From the dike you have a beautiful view of the Oosterhoutse Waarden nature reserve. On one side you can see the banks of the Waal, on the other side are rough grasslands. You can also see the white-plastered fifteenth-century village church of Slijk-Ewijk: a picture! In the old Elst you will pass the beautiful Grote Kerk. Via the polder and the Rijkerswoerdse Plassen you drive to the Bemmeler Waard nature reserve. After your trip you will regain your strength at the cozy Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent.

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