Cycling through Vught and the surrounding area

Haaren - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 537845

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625 kcal
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Vught is a beautiful village just under the proverbial smoke of Den Bosch. This route takes you through the village center and the nature-rich outside area.

Old Tower
From Esch you drive into the countryside. In the valley along the Essche Stroom you mainly drive between meadows and fields. You pass Castle Nemerlaer, which originally dates from the fourteenth century. In Haaren you see not only many old farms but also the Oude Toren from 1427. The accompanying church collapsed in 1780. Just past Helvoirt you will pass Zwijnsbergen Castle. The main building dates from the seventeenth century and is privately owned.

Old Vught
Vught is a town with a rich history, you will see many special buildings. For example, at Kapellaan you will see Villa Leeuwenburg from 1890, at Boxtelseweg you will pass Huize WeltELIJK from the beginning of the nineteenth century. The last part of the route you drive again through the quiet valley of the Essche Stroom. In Esch you can enjoy a coffee with a treat, lunch or dinner at Ons Café.

Castle Nemerlaer
Nemerlaer Castle was bought around 1880 by Baron André van den Bogaerde van Terbrugge, the first Queen's Commissioner in North Brabant. He had the castle rebuilt in its current style and gave it to his son Donatus who (allegedly) had a rather flamboyant lifestyle. Donatus became confused with his family and ordered in a will that the castle could not be inhabited until 70 years after his death. By that time, in 1964, the estate was immediately sold by the family to the Brabants Landschap. The dilapidated castle was added for one guilder.

From Ons Café you can also walk route 537844.

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