Cycling from the Eilandspolder to the Beemster

Cycling in Alkmaar, North Holland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 530865

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1893 44
38.2 km
02:14 h
672 kcal
0 m
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This route takes you over the Eilandspolder and the famous Beemster reclamation. Along the way you can enjoy the flat landscape that has been created by the reclamation of large areas of sea. You will see many meadow birds here.

Contiguous polders
The first part of this route runs from Grootschemer through the Eilandspolder low moor area. This wetland area was provided with dikes in the 13th century. Only later were the Schermer and the Beemster reclaimed around this polder. The Eilandspolder is located a lot higher than these two reclaimed areas and you can see that these polders were not constructed at the same time. From the Eilandspolder you cycle Middenbeemster and Zuidoostbeemster. Along the way you can visit the Beemster Arboretum. In this park you can take a walk among the beautifully planted trees. Then you cycle back to Grootschermer along the edge of the Wormer and Jisperveld. This 2000 hectare nature reserve was originally a peat swamp.

Café Restaurant Enjoyment of Grootschermer

Café Restaurant Genot van Grootschermer is the start and end point of this route. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a tasty lunch or an extensive dinner to replenish your energy supply after an active day on the bike. From here you can also follow route 530864.

Fort on the Nekkerweg
Just outside Zuidoostbeemster is the Fort on the Nekkerweg. This fortress was built here in 1918 as part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. This fort was used, among other things, after the Second World War to keep NSB members and other collaborators prisoner. Since then, the fortress has been extensively restored and transformed into a hotel. The history is still visible in many places in this fort.
Bicycle cafe Museum Fort

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# Description Distance
1843 JH, Alkmaar, North Holland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
27 (1636VJ, Alkmaar, North Holland, The Netherlands) 3.16 km
28 (1636XT, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 4.72 km
29 (Westdijk, 1636XA, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 6.02 km
61 (1483HB, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 10.19 km
6 (Rijperweg, 1462NL, Beemster, North Holland, The Netherlands) 14.16 km

Place name directory

  • Alkmaar, North Holland
  • Beemster, North Holland
  • Wormerland, North Holland
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