Cycling through Groningen meadows villages

Appingedam - Groningen - The Netherlands

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1867 41
22.99 km
405 kcal
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In Friesland they are called terpen, in Groningen wierden: the artificial elevations to keep farms and churches dry. This route takes you through the polder to a number of real Groningen mound villages.

Groningen churches
The first kilometers you warm up at your leisure along the banks of the Damsterdiep, a canal that connects Groningen with Delfzijl. A little later you drive along another canal (the Oosterwijtwerdermaar) to Oosterwijtwerd. Here on the mound is one of the first brick churches in Groningen, it dates from the thirteenth century. The eleventh-century church in Holwierde is one of the oldest in this province.

Old Appingedam
In the historic Appingedam you can see many beautiful national monuments in Solwerderstraat. From the bridge on the Kniestraat you can take a look at the famous kitchens that hang above the Damsterdiep. In Solwerd you can see the village church from 1783. There is a wooden bell chair next to it with a clock from 1949. The original clock was looted by the Germans in the Second World War. After getting off, let yourself be pampered with tea, coffee and some treats at Hof van Daam.

Particularly Biessum
Just above Delfzijl, you will pass two characteristic mound villages shortly after each other, the mounds of which are about 2000 years old. Uitwierde enjoys a protected village view, the mound is still almost intact. Only the separate tower of the original village church from 1200 is still standing. The church was so damaged by marauding French troops during the Siege of Delfzijl (1813-1814) that it was replaced in 1839. The Biessum mound is also very well preserved. The original star-shaped allotment is still clearly visible in the landscape. There are still a few beautiful characteristic farms on the Osseweg. Do you want to make even more beautiful bike rides through the area from Hof van Daam? Then also drive the routes 164773 and 527441.

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