100 years of Waalre: (1) Bicycle eight Waalre

Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Netherlands

Cycling route: 4004265

Provided by: W.J.van , Noord-Brabant

18.4 km
01:05 h
324 kcal
29 m


We leave at the Pracht in Kerkdorp-Aalst to go to the first FKP 23 to really leave here and at the traffic lights but also further along the route we observe the traffic rules, so we also extend our hand at every turn, we as organization cannot and do not take any responsibility in any event whatsoever!

At FKP 60 there is now Restaurant Leemerhoef where in the past (Napoleon) the loam was extracted to pave the road to Hasselt and Liège, we then still belonged to the Diocese of LUIK. At FKP 71 there used to be a Waalres cafe, before FKP 63 we cross the road at the HTC traffic lights and after the viaduct go straight on to FKP 62. Here we turn right past the place where Station Waalre used to be located with the Boerenbond behind it building. Two families used to live in this station building, namely the Fam.Loozen and v/d. Heijden, they used to operate the barriers by hand, together with the Fam. Verhoeven who then not only managed the cafe Stations Koffiehuis but also a Liquor store, Pension, Coal trade and Transport company.

Every drop on the map after FKP 23 has a meaning

For example, after Verhoeven on the Willibrorduslaan before the first side road on the left there used to be Linnenweverij Vosters. The writer Hein Mandos lived on the right corner of the second road on the left.

On the right side after former councilor Tv Tongeren was the joinery workshop of Rene Coolen and two doors down the villa of headmaster Mr. Broos. (And no Master Keeman, he has never been a head teacher.) After the Bosweg, 3 doors down, the first baker Bekkers was located, which, in addition to a lunchroom, also owned an ice cream cart where the ice cream was served on Sundays, which the youth soon realized that it was better to buy 2x5ct ice creams than one of 10ct. On the corner of Ansbalduslaan behind Huize Sonnewijzer was the linen factory of the Dames v. Moorsel. Opposite this is the still existing Stokmans business (more than 105 years old). Did you know that 5 bakers used to be located in Waalre-Dorp and 3 + 1 pastry chef in Aalstr-Dorp.

Just a tip: to find out more about Waalre, visit Waalres Erfgoed and buy some booklets that they have all made about Waalre.

On the Markt after the weaver statue we give way 3x from the right before we reach FKP 44. Here BEWARE OF DANGEROUS CROSSING, we turn left to the hamlets of Timmereind and Loon with Restaurant't Loon, at FKP 91 and then cross Heikantstraat at FKP 45, DANGEROUS crossing BEWARE! At Kantaven at FKP 61 we go back via Vliegenven, Molenven and Blokven to FKP 62 at the current Huis van Waalre.

After this, along the Woldersven, Beatrixbank, Korenmolen, the back of the Church and Klooster and before the old Hazzo, you pass the statue of Mie Peels (Pils) on the Hof, or via the point where she was the manager of the De Hut inn for FKP 66. ( then located across the street)

From here we go back to FKP 23 to first pass the Reginale Hulp Post, to return from here to the BEAUTIFUL and hopefully it was a wonderful cycling day for you!

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# Description Distance
23 (Roostenlaan, 5583CT, Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
60 (5582AV, Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 1.45 km
71 (5644RT, Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 2.31 km
63 (5582CA, Eindhoven, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 3.52 km
62 (5581GJ, Waalre, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 5.05 km
Waalres Museum (5581GK, Waalre, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 6.35 km


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