Voorne route from TOP Oostvoorne

Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands

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42.6 km
02:30 h
751 kcal
7 m


TOP Oostvoorne also starts from TOP Brielle and TOP Hellevoetsluis

Voorne route from TOP Oostvoorne

Enjoy a variety of nature with many birds and walk or cycle around the Oostvoornse Meer.

Oostvoorne, together with Rockanje and Tinte, is part of the green municipality of Westvoorne. The municipality has a wonderful variety of nature and landscape with quiet areas. Thanks to its unique flora and fauna, the dune area of Voorne is one of the most important nature reserves in Western Europe.
The many sights and activities also make Westvoorne a special recreational municipality. On the beach and in the woods and dunes it is wonderful to cycle, walk or ride a horse.

Westvoorne is located on Voorne, the western part of the island of Voorne-Putten, embedded between the world port of Rotterdam and the Haringvliet. It is an area with water, polder, dunes and the Haringvliet. It is an area with water, polder, dunes and beach and with peace and space. Discover the beautiful nature, the green polder landscape and the cultural-historical towns.
A few tips

Visitor center Tenellaplas
In the Tenellaplas visitor center you can see an exhibition about the origin of the dunes of Voorne, the wealth of plants, birds and other animals. Many natural products are sold in the shop. Numerous breeding bird species can be seen in the area around the Tenellaplas. The northern bank of the Tenellaplas has been set up as a botanical garden. Address: Duinstraat 12a, Rockanje.

Jacobaburcht ruins
The remains of the Burcht van Oostvoorne, also known as Jacobaburcht, are located on a raised hill (motte) in the center of Oostvoorne. The castle was founded at the end of the 12th century by the powerful Van Voorne family. Although little remains of the castle, what remains is still impressive. Address: Hoflaan 6, Oostvoorne. Open: the ruin is freely accessible, collect the key from the gate at the tourist office.

Eastern Lake
The Oostvoornse Meer is very popular with divers from the Netherlands, Belgium and even beyond. Especially because of the depth of more than 40 meters and the almost always very good visibility thanks to the hard sandy bottom. At the bottom are shipwrecks, such as the Archimeded from 1839 and the remains of a wooden wreck from the 16th century. The lake is also very popular with trout anglers.

Swallow van Voorne
The construction of the Brielse Gatdam created a beautiful and unique bird rest area with mud flats (which flood at high tide) and salt marshes (which are only under water at very high tide). The many birds in this area flock to the nutrient-rich soil where many small animals live.

Hellevoetsluis is a protected cityscape and has a number of special historic buildings, ships and several museums. It was an important naval port with defenses that were unique to the low countries. The Hellevoetsluis fortress was built in the early 17th century to strengthen the war and trade port. At that time, the fortress was important as a (naval) port and this position was maintained until the 19th century. Because the Canal was dug through Voorne around 1830, there was a lively trade and passage to Rotterdam

Dry dock Jan Blanken is the oldest working stone dry dock in Europe. It is special how the techniques of two hundred years ago are still current. The free-accessible grounds include a visitor center.

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# Description Distance
TOP Oostvoorne (TOP Oostvoorne, 3233CW, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
1 (3233CW, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.11 km
Paviljoen de Duinrand (Strandweg, 3233CW, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.58 km
51 (3233AX, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 2.46 km
2 (3233AG, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 3.37 km
53 (Bollaarsdijk, 3233LJ, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 6.90 km


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