Walk from Westerbork to Orvelte

Midden-Drenthe - Drenthe - The Netherlands

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Drenthe has a wide variety of nature. From special National Parks to lovely stream valley landscapes, you will find it all there. But nature is not the only attraction of Drenthe. This route takes you along the typical Drenthe green villages of Westerbork and Orvelte.

Old-fashioned green villages
This walk runs from Westerbork to Orvelte. Westerbork is a green village that is best known for the former concentration camp Westerbork. However, this camp is located a long way outside of Westerbork, close to Hooghalen. Westerbork is a good example of a typical Drenthe green village with a green area where cows and sheep used to be gathered in the morning and evening. Furthermore, green villages have an es, a communal field that is slightly higher than the village.

Hotel Restaurant Ruyghe Venne
Orvelte is also a green village and the village is also a true open-air museum. The village is almost a thousand years old and many old buildings have been preserved. Take a good look around you and imagine yourself in days gone by in Orvelte. In some buildings in the village, old crafts are demonstrated such as glass blowing, iron smithing and sawing wood. The start and end point of this route is at Hotel Restaurant Ruyghe Venne. Here you can have a bite to eat, drink something or spend the night. Route 381654 also has this hotel as its starting point.

The Drenthe of the past
In the surroundings of Orvelte and Westerbork you can clearly see what Drenthe looked like around 1900. The villages have exactly the same structure as in the past and you will find many old thatched farms here. The car-free village of Orvelte in particular looks almost exactly as it used to be and the arable land in the vicinity of the villages has remained unchanged for centuries. You can imagine how people used to drive around here by horse and carriage.

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Pause places

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