From Twente to the German Alstätte

  • The Netherlands
  • Overijssel
  • Haaksbergen
  • 54.74 km (Approximately 03:13 u)
  • Cycling route 352495

From Twente to the German Alstätte

  • The Netherlands
  • Overijssel
  • Haaksbergen
  • 54.74 km (Approximately 03:13 u)
  • Cycling route 352495
On this route you explore the esdorp landscape in the south of Twente and you cross the border into Germany. Do you feel like cycling across borders? Then this is the ideal route for you. About half of the route takes you through Germany.

From smokers area to cycling area
You get on your bike a little outside Buurse and then you have left the Netherlands in no time. These border areas used to be popular with smugglers and street traders who could take unseen items across the border. Alstätte is the first German village on the route. Originally this was an agricultural village, but nowadays most of the inhabitants of the village work in the industrial areas around the village. From there you cycle through a rural area until you cross the Dutch border again.

Hooge Esch Burse
Near Rekken you will pass the Piepermolen. Take a look here and stretch your legs or continue cycling to the start and end point at Hooge Esch Buurse to take a break there. The restaurant is mainly known for the wide variety of pancakes that are available here, but you can also eat meat dishes, soups and salads or drink a cup of coffee.

The Pieper Mill
The Piepermolen is a belt flour mill from 1976. The mill is located in the village of Rekken. During a storm in 1940, the mill was severely damaged. The war made it difficult to restore the mill and there was no money at that time. The mill was only restored in 1970 and the mill was made operational again. New repairs followed in 1994 and 2006.

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# Description Distance
Hooge Esch Buurse Familierestaurant (Alsteedseweg, 7481RW, Haaksbergen, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
78 (48683, Ahaus, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 2.37 km
96 (48683, Ahaus, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 3.40 km
68 (Kirchstraße, 48683, Ahaus, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 6.90 km
97 (Nork, 48691, Vreden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 11.21 km
3 (Breekamp, 48691, Vreden, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 12.94 km

Pause places

Hooge Esch Buurse Familierestaurant

Alsteedseweg 38
7481RW Haaksbergen

At Hooge Esch Buurse Familierestaurant you get the tastiest pancakes in all of the Netherlands. In addition to many different types of pancakes, the menu also includes meat dishes such as satay or spare ribs, soups and salads. The restaurant is located in an old cowshed that has been converted into an attractive place to enjoy a snack and a drink. When the sun is shining you can sit on the terrace, while the children have fun in the playground or enjoy a homemade ice cream. At the restaurant you will also find a brewery where you can take a look every Saturday.



7157AE Berkelland

The most famous windmill type in the Netherlands. Windmills were used not only to produce flour from cereals, but also to reclaim polder areas. Natural energy. The most famous windmills can be found in Kinderdijk, really set up as a polder model. A must see!

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