Ode to the Meadow Mills / Part 1 - East

Cycling in Zaanse Schans, North Holland, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Miranda, Noord-Holland

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37.5 km
02:12 h
661 kcal
3 m
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About the route
The route starts and ends at the Zaanse Schans, but can be started at any point along the route if desired. During this route you will get to know the beautiful nature of the Zaan region. The Weidemolens have the leading role. There are nice places along the way to stop, to marvel and to have a bite to eat and drink. Have fun cycling!

Tips and information for the road
Walk with your bike along the Zaan, towards the Mill Museum.
The interactive Mill Museum opened its doors in 2020. Here you will get everything explained about the variety of different types of mills. The enthusiastic volunteers can tell you all about it. In the hinterland you can see the Weidemolens.

About the Meadow Mills

On the (w)islands in the peat meadow areas that surround us, wooden and iron windmills stand out in the landscape. They seem to have been placed there for the composition of your photo, but even today they still have an important task in managing and maintaining the peat meadow area.

The meadow mills have been used for centuries to regulate the water level for each piece of land. The function of the mills is twofold. They use wind power to remove excess water from the ditches and keep the pasture accessible for cows and mowing machines. Without grazing and mowing, the open landscape would quickly turn into low moor forest. With all the associated consequences for the historically valuable landscape that is so popular with meadow birds, such as our national bird the black-tailed godwit. The meadow mills also grind the water in drier periods so that the meadows do not become too wet, but also not too dry.

When you have passed node 93 after some time, you will see the Poelboerderij on the right. Please note: this is still in front of the lock you pass through. The Poelboerderij is the gateway to the beautiful Wormer- and Jisperveld nature reserve. Originally a low moor area with a unique flora and fauna. There are many meadow mills here. The area is ideal for boat trips. There are beautiful canoe routes. More information is available at the farm.

During the continuation of the cycle route you will see the Weidemolens scattered through the water-rich landscape. You will come to many picturesque locations and villages such as; Nail drill, Jisp and Wormer.

An eye-catcher along the Westerdijk is De Herkules . This is an American wind engine and you can't miss it. It was installed as a polder mill in 1922. In 1993 it was replaced by an electric pumping station and now has a mainly decorative function in the landscape.

Nice walkers Windmill

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# Description Distance
Kalverringdijk, 1509, Zaanse Schans, North Holland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
94 (1531MT, Wormerland, North Holland, The Netherlands) 2.27 km
92 (1531MS, Zaanstad, North Holland, The Netherlands) 3.84 km
93 (Zandweg, 1531AM, Wormerland, North Holland, The Netherlands) 4.96 km
89 (Dorpsstraat, 1534NH, Wormerland, North Holland, The Netherlands) 7.83 km
Boerderijwinkel Noord Hollands Hof (Oudelandsdijk, 1458 PN, Wormerland, North Holland, The Netherlands) 8.99 km

Place name directory

  • Zaanse Schans, North Holland
  • Wormerland, North Holland
  • Zaanstad, North Holland


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