Giro d\\\'Italia 2016 - Third stage

Cycling in Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 347022

Provided by: Groots Genieten

1367 26
168.0 km
09:52 h
2961 kcal
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The third stage of the Giro d'Italia will take place on Sunday 8 May. This stage takes the cyclists from Nijmegen to Arnhem via a loop in an easterly direction. Small villages in the vicinity of the Achterhoek form the backdrop for the route over a distance of 189 kilometres. Have you always wanted to ride a stage of a cycling race? Then this route is recommended.

From Nijmegen to the Achterhoek
The starting point of this cycling tour is on the Grote Markt in Nijmegen. From here you can cycle a bit through the city center of Nijmegen. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere in the city here for a while before cycling into the quieter outdoor areas. You cross the Waal via the bridge'De Oversteek\\\' and then you set course towards the Achterhoek. Along the way you will visit various places such as Bemmel, Huissen and Hummelo. Via Berkelland, a vast rural community, you will then cycle in the direction of Arnhem.

Climbing and descending
At Rheden you follow the exit to the right towards the Posbank. This is a steep climb of about 2 kilometers, but in return you get a descent to Velp. After that you will soon cycle into Arnhem to end your route with a beautiful tour through the city. Do you like cycling hard? Then you can take a last sprint on the Velperbuitensingel.

A cycling weekend or a cycling holiday
For experienced cyclists, a tour like this is perfectly doable. If you are not that experienced on a bike yet, 189 kilometers may be too much of a good thing. Would you still like to experience what it is like to ride a cycling stage? Then divide the tour into several parts and make it a cycling weekend or a short cycling holiday. Along the way you can regularly pause for a bite to eat or a drink and in the evening you can rest well at a hotel or other overnight accommodation.

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# Description Distance
6663AB, Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
42 (Griftdijk, 6515AK, Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.03 km
45 (Woerdsestraat, 6684DC, Lingewaard, Gelderland, Nederland) 5.42 km
30 (Herckenrathweg, 6681HH, Lingewaard, Gelderland, Nederland) 7.29 km
26 (Baalsestraat, 6681WJ, Lingewaard, Gelderland, Nederland) 8.48 km
25 (Ambachtstraat, 6685BH, Lingewaard, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 10.47 km

Place name directory

  • Nijmegen, Gelderland
  • Lingewaard, Gelderland
  • Arnhem, Gelderland
  • Westervoort, Gelderland
  • Duiven, Gelderland
  • Zevenaar, Gelderland
  • Doesburg, Gelderland
  • Bronckhorst, Gelderland
  • Gelderland
  • Berkelland, Gelderland
  • Lochem, Gelderland
  • Zutphen, Gelderland
  • Brummen, Gelderland
  • Rheden, Gelderland
  • Rozendaal, Gelderland
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