Cultural history in the land of Maas and Waal East

Cycling in Wijchen, Gelderland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 345407

Provided by: VVV Arnhem-Nijmegen

1695 37
66.1 km
03:53 h
1166 kcal
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Cycle route through the Land van Maas en Waal and the Rijk van Nijmegen along various points of interest.
This route is one of two cycling routes, each passing more than 20 locations in the vicinity of Druten, West Maas and Waal, Beuningen and Wijchen. Think of special castles, churches, mills, brick factories, country houses, pumping stations, towers and graves.
At 125 historic locations throughout the region, there is a sign with a QR code on it. Scan the QR code with your smartphone and read the story about the location or visit
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VVV Arnhem-Nijmegen

The Arnhem Nijmegen region is characterized by special areas such as the Land van Maas and Waal between the two rivers and the Betuwe. Cycle or walk through beautiful nature reserves, vibrant city centers and along the rivers.

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# Description Distance
68 (6616, Wijchen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
71 (6616BD, Wijchen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 1.35 km
72 (6617CD, Wijchen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 2.11 km
90 (6617BE, Wijchen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.11 km
89 (6617BZ, Beuningen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.67 km
89 (Wijksestraat, 6617BZ, Wijchen, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 3.83 km

Place name directory

  • Wijchen, Gelderland
  • Beuningen, Gelderland
  • Druten, Gelderland
  • Gelderland
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