Relive earlier times in Enkhuizen and the surrounding area

Cycling in Enkhuizen, North Holland, The Netherlands

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The West Frisian landscape is beautiful to cycle through. The extensive polders are interspersed with picturesque towns such as Enkhuizen and Medemblik with numerous historical sights. History buffs can indulge themselves on this route, but you've also come to the right place if you're looking for natural beauty. The best of both worlds.

Historic Enkhuizen

The starting point of the cycling tour is in Enkhuizen, the very tip of West Friesland. Take a look at the old harbor, where you can watch the pleasantly swaying boats, or visit the Zuiderzeemuseum or the Flessenscheepjes museum. In the Zuiderzee Museum you will be taken back to the time when the IJsselmeer was not yet closed off from the sea. You can see how the people lived in this region and what kind of crafts they practiced.

Get a breath of fresh air along the IJsselmeer

From Enkhuizen you cycle along the IJsselmeer to Medemblik. Here you can get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the sun that shines on the water on beautiful days. In Medemblik you can visit the Dutch Steam Engine Museum. Here you will learn everything about steam engines and you can see the steam boilers that were formerly used in pumping stations to pump water out of polders.

Lighthouse the Ven

You would almost forget that the IJsselmeer used to be not yet closed off from the sea, but in the landscape you can still see some indications here and there. For example, there is a lighthouse in the village of Oosterdijk. This lighthouse is square and made of white stones. The tower was built at the end of the 17th century, making it one of the oldest lighthouses in the Netherlands. The tower was once constructed as one of the three towers that had to indicate the route from the Wadden Sea to Amsterdam for ships. The other two towers have been replaced by iron ones, but the De Ven lighthouse is still the same as it used to be.
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# Description Distance
VVV Enkhuizen e.o. (1601EM, Enkhuizen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
12 (Flevolaan, 1601MB, Enkhuizen, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 1.14 km
28 (Zuiderdijk, 1611CX, Stede Broec, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 3.08 km
47 (Oostergouw, 1606AA, Drechterland, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 4.60 km
10 (Zuiderdijk, 1606MG, Drechterland, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 8.57 km
11 (Meeweg, 1607HN, Drechterland, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 15.38 km

Place name directory

  • Enkhuizen, North Holland
  • Enkhuizen, Noord-Holland
  • Stede Broec, Noord-Holland
  • Drechterland, Noord-Holland
  • Hoogkarspel, Noord-Holland
  • Medemblik, Noord-Holland
  • Opperdoes, Noord-Holland
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