Picnic by the lake at Cerfontaine

Cerfontaine - Wallonia - Belgium

Cycling route 327357

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Explore the rural region around the Walloon town of Cerfontaine. Experience how La douce France came over to Wallonia, because here too they know how to enjoy the good life.

Picturesque Cerfontaine
Cerfontaine is a beautiful village to drive through. The pace of life, the architectural style of the houses and the nineteenth-century church: you can already taste the French atmosphere here. From the village you cycle into the hilly bocage landscape with its meadows, fields and small forests. You will also pass through Daussois and Villers-deux-Églises, old villages where you can enjoy a break at your leisure.

The lakes of l'Eau d'Heure

Just above Cerfontaine you drive through a pristine and quiet forest. Watch out for crossing game. There are many deer and wild boars living here. A large lake area borders the forest, a rarity in such a hilly and green region. Fair is fair: the lakes of the Eau d'Heure are artificial. You will find no less than 70 kilometers of banks here. That is even more than on the Belgian coast.

Senzeilles astronomical clock
In Senzeilles you will find a striking piece of technology on the Rue de l'Horloge: a real astronomical clock. This clock was built about 100 years ago. The 13 dials refer to, among other things, Halley's Comet, the constellations and the cycles of the sun and moon. All dials are driven by a single central shaft. The pendulum moves back and forth exactly 86,400 per day. Remarkably, the clock was built by a self-taught artist: Lucien Charloteaux. It took him no less than 16 years to do it. Would you like to see more of this beautiful area? Then cycle route 327358.

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