Exciting cycling around the green village of Norg

Noordenveld - Drenthe - The Netherlands

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This varied cycling tour in the north of Drenthe takes you to unique places. What to think of the last high moor area in the Netherlands through which you cycle. Of a completely different order, but just as exciting is the prison museum that is also on your route. Time to hit the road!

Your departure point is Norg, a typical Drenthe green village with no fewer than five greens. In the past, these were open places in a village where, among other things, the cattle were collected. Nowadays many green areas have been transformed into green, tree-lined squares. Just before you leave Norg on the south side you will pass windmill De Hoop. Take a look at the blades of this mill. This is the only windmill in the Netherlands with Bilauwieken. Named after its German designer, Kurt Bilau, this wing shape approximates the aircraft wing. And yes, fortunately you will also find a hunebed that is so characteristic of Drenthe on your route. Just before you enter Westervelde, the D2 is on the right.

The route goes through beautiful nature reserves between Norg and Veenhuizen. First of all, the Norgerholt, one of the oldest forest areas in the Netherlands. You will find a separate combination of pedunculate oak and holly. You are in Fochteloërveen between junctions 19 and 63. Special, because it is one of the last raised moor areas in the Netherlands. Raised peat is an exceptionally poor type of soil with a high acidity and saturated with water. As a result, the area has very unique flora and fauna. You will find all kinds of sphagnum moss, berries and carnivorous plants.

Prison village Veenhuizen
This village has a history linked to correctional facilities. Veenhuizen has only been freely accessible since 1981. Before that - in addition to the prisoners - only the prison staff and their families were allowed into the village. From 1800 vagrants and beggars were first housed in one of the asylums. Later they became state work institutions and from the early 1900s prisons. Now there are three more penal institutions, including for long-term prisoners. From the Prison Museum, which is located in one of the old buildings of the asylum, you can take a tour of the prisons in an old crook's bus. The east side of Norg is also definitely worth a visit.

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