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Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

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7 m


In the far north nothing beats Groningen, as they say. Today you will mainly get to know the provincial capital of Groningen on this tour. The city is particularly popular among students because of its cozy atmosphere. Groningen is also perceived to be much less busy and hectic than other large cities. Possibly caused by the somewhat isolated location, all the way on the northern spur of the Hondsrug. Although the city is not directly on open water, it has developed considerably in the maritime field. As a Hanseatic city, Groningen was part of the North German trade network. Various canals have been dug to connect the city with other important waterways. Via the Oosterhaven you cycle along the Hunzehaven, which is connected to the sea by the Eems Canal. Groningen has remained an important trading city and nowadays a center for the food industry: sugar, tobacco and coffee.

Along the outer edge of Groningen you pass the small hamlet of Noorddijk that has now grown all the way up against Groningen. In the old village center there are a few beautiful monumental farms and the Stephanus Church, a Romano-Gothic church built around 1250. You return to the center of the city, which you now pass on the north side. After you have passed the water tower, you will see the Noorderplantsoen on your right. A long and narrow park in English style. The park is located where the defensive walls of the city were built in the 17th century and was opened in 1880. On the left you will find the Hortusbuurt, a particularly nice part of the city with many picturesque old courtyards, called guesthouses in Groningen. Via the Reitdiep, the oldest connection with the sea, you cycle through Ommelanden, the peat area outside Groningen, which was originally located later.

The hamlets of Leegkerk and Hoogkerk have a number of beautiful monumental farms, picturesquely situated in the lowlands. Above this, the 13th century church towers on a so-called wierde, a higher piece of land. In Hoogkerk, the Suiker Unie with associated factories is a striking presence.
On the way back to Groningen center you will pass through the lovely green Stadspark. It continues to enjoy until the last kilometer on this route, because here are almost opposite each other: the beautiful building of Groningen Station and the Groninger Museum. The latter is certainly worth a longer visit for the art lovers among us. The museum is particularly innovative with an extensive collection of visual art.

When you return to the Martini Hotel Groningen you can sit down for a snack and a drink, but you can also take a walk into the old city center. Here you will find numerous sights such as the Grote Markt with the Martini tower, the Vismarkt and the Korenbeurs or nice streets along the canals. If you want to explore more of the area around Groningen by bike, then cycle route number 309500'Groningen at its best\\\', which also departs from the Martini Hotel Groningen, is highly recommended!
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# Description Distance
88 (9711EC, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
91 (9723EX, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 5.39 km
90 (Noorddijkerplein, 9734AV, Noorddijk, Groningen, The Netherlands) 6.47 km
93 (9734AS, Noorddijk, Groningen, The Netherlands) 7.03 km
89 (9731BW, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 10.67 km
96 (9715AR, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 10.98 km


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