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Steenwijkerland - Overijssel - The Netherlands

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1886 kcal
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Prepare for a long hike: this route through Weerribben-Wieden National Park is no less than 33 kilometers long! In addition to a lot of nature, you also get to see picturesque places such as Sint Jansklooster, Belt-Schutsloot and Dwarsgracht.

The base for this route is located in the picturesque water village Belt Schutsloot: Café-Cafetaria-Eethuis Het Otterswold. You have a beautiful view from the terrace on the water. At Het Otterswold you can enjoy your drink and snack in a friendly atmosphere.

The walk runs through the southern part of the national park, called the Wieden. This area is an oasis of space and tranquility. However pristine and natural the environment may look, every square meter is made by human hands. In three centuries the inhabitants dug the peat to make peat. Thus, the landscape changed into a swampy swamp area where you see a beautiful mix of swamp forests, endless reed beds, flowery meadows and water, lots of water.

About halfway through you can take a break at Café-Restaurant De Otterskooi. Both indoors and outdoors it is a good place to relax with a fresh coffee with a snack and a tasty meal. On the terrace and inside it is possible, among other things, to have a buffet with a group.

Many birds breed in this area. Notable species are fish eaters such as the cormorant and the curlew. Bittern, black tern and purple heron are also found here. The Wieden differs from the Weerribben mainly because there are more open large lakes, such as the Grote Beulakerwijde and the Belterwijde. These pools were partly caused by a series of severe floods. If you look out over the Beulakerwijde, remember that in 1776 and 1779 the settlement of Beulake was swallowed up by the waves here.

Note: you cross the Walengracht with a ferry. The crossing costs 1.10 per person.

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