West Frisian Omringdijk complete route

Cycling in Medemblik, North Holland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 283801

Provided by: Jeroen, Noord-Holland

10902 54
130.1 km
07:39 h
2292 kcal
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This route takes you along the entire route of the Westfriese Omringdijk. An attempt was made to follow the dike as closely as possible. Most of the dike is still completely intact and from Medemblik to Hoorn still has its original function: to keep the feet of the West Frisians dry. Right through Alkmaar you hardly realize that you are cycling the route. You may come across one of the seven benches that mark the route of the dike in six different places.

The route starts and ends at De Kwind in Medemblik, but can of course be picked up at any point.
Water Polder Cycling route

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# Description Distance
1671 HR Medemblik, Medemblik, North Holland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
74 (Onderdijk, 1693CB, Medemblik, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 4.32 km
57 (Kagerbos, 1693BM, Medemblik, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 4.86 km
16 (Dijkweg, 1619JP, Medemblik, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 7.03 km
15 (Dijkweg, 1619JA, Medemblik, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 11.31 km
30 (Wilhelminabrug, 1601GK, Enkhuizen, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 22.41 km

Place name directory

  • Medemblik, North Holland
  • Medemblik, Noord-Holland
  • Enkhuizen, Noord-Holland
  • Stede Broec, Noord-Holland
  • Drechterland, Noord-Holland
  • Hoorn, Noord-Holland
  • Koggenland, Noord-Holland
  • Edam-Volendam, Noord-Holland
  • Alkmaar, Noord-Holland
  • Schagen, Noord-Holland
  • Hollands Kroon, Noord-Holland
  • Opmeer, Noord-Holland
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