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Cycling in Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands

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Provided by: We Love Wheels, Zuid-Holland

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364 kcal
18 m
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The most beautiful spots of the coast & dune area of Noordwijk. From the village center of Noordwijkerhout you drive through the (flower) fields to the dunes (Duindamseslag). Then the route goes over the cycle path through the beautiful nature & dunes towards the lighthouse of Noordwijk aan Zee. This is the beginning of the'North Boulevard\\\'.
Cruising along the Boulevard you drive via'de Grent\\\' to the'South Boulevard\\\'. From the southernmost tip of the boulevard you go through one of the most beautiful villa districts in the Netherlands'de Zuid\\\' to the picturesque village center of Noordwijk-in.
Via the beautiful Voorstraat the tour goes around the'Landgoed Offem\\\' and via the'pig forest\\\' back via'the interior\\\'. Via the Leeweg\\\', among others, the route heads in the direction of Noordwijkerhout and ends at the White Church and the cozy village square in the center.

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# Description Distance
80 (Dorpsstraat, 2211GC, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
42 (Schulpweg, 2211XM, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 1.10 km
43 (2204AM, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.38 km
32 (2202PB, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 8.22 km
Vuurtoren van Noordwijk (Noordwijk, 2202PA, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 8.39 km
22 (2202BE, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 10.22 km

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  • Noordwijk, South Holland
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