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Hoeksche Waard - South Holland - The Netherlands

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744 kcal
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You can start the Zuidhoek route from TOP Strijensas.
The village of Strijensas, located on the Hollands Diep, originated around the lock (lock) of Strijen from 1649. The region has a long history. There is a foundation deed from 992 in which the Countess van Strijen donates various real estate to a monastery. Around 1200 Strijen appears as a glory. As the oldest municipality of the Hoeksche Waard, Strijen is richly provided with monuments, including the idyllic drawbridge with lock in Strijensas. And you can also enjoy extensive views of the agricultural landscape, waving reed borders along creeks and of nature along the Hollands Diep.

Tip 1: Oeverlanden Hollands Diep
Just like its big brother the Biesbosch, the Oeverlanden Hollands Diep nature reserve is also a freshwater tidal area. The Oeverlanden stretch from Numansdorp to Strijensas in the southeast of the Hoeksche Waard. Here you will find unspoiled nature, with rough reed lands, open water, channels and creeks, nature outside the dykes and willow forests. And with ebb and flow, which is rare for fresh water. The area is a haven for rare plants and birds.
Internet: www.staatsbosbeheer.nl/natuurgebied/ oeverlanden-hollands-deep

Tip 2: Museum 'The Land of Strijen'
The museum is located in a former village blacksmith shop with an attached house at the rear. The foundation of the forge probably dates back to the 16th century. You can see the blacksmith at work every second Saturday of the month at the blacksmith's fire and anvil. There are also many old machines present.
Address: Kerkstraat 47, Strijen. Telephone: 078-6744520. Internet: www.hetlandvanstrijen.com

Tip 3: Oudeland van Strijen
This polder (1437) is the oldest reclaimed polder after the St. Elisabeth flood of 1421. The polder consists mainly of grassland plots and has a very open character. There are hardly any buildings and vegetation in the area. As always, the area is an important stopping place for hibernating geese and ducks in winter. In spring and early summer it is an important nesting area for meadow birds.

Tip 4: Flowing
Here you will find winding creeks, meandering dikes with trees and endless views. Characteristic polder roads lead you to beautiful villages and stately old farms. Creeks are also called vlieten in the HoekscheWaard. They are part of the nature network that runs throughout the province of South Holland.

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Tourist Interchange Points (TOP 's) are the perfect places to start a bike ride or a walk. In these places you can park your car for free on the edge of beautiful areas. From here you can enjoy cycling and walking via the nodes. The TOP 's are easy to find by following the signs along the roads. You can recognize the TOP by a green steel culm of 5.5 meters high.

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