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Cycling in Hoeksche Waard, South Holland, The Netherlands

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You can start the Krekenroute Oost at TOP Numansdorp.

Numansdorp is a lively harbor town on the Hollands Diep with nice restaurants and shops. You can visit fort Buitensluis near the harbor in Numansdorp, walk through the nature of the Eastern Bekade Buntings or first take a look at the National Landscape Center (NLC) to learn more about the landscape of the Hoeksche Waard.

TOP Numansdorp area
Numansdorp is located on the Hollands Diep with several marinas, cozy restaurants and shops. Together with the village of Klaaswaal, Numansdorp forms the municipality of Cromstrijen. The name of the municipality comes from the eponymous handicraft gentility of the lords of Cromstrijen. Located in the south of the Hoeksche Waard national landscape, this is a great starting point for cycling through the vast polder landscape.

Tip 1: Fort Buitensluis
In 1793 an earthen fort was built next to the harbor of Numansdorp. The purpose of this fort was to keep an eye on shipping between the Volkerak and the Hollands Diep. In that year France invaded the Netherlands. In the 19th century the fort was strengthened and became part of the "Stelling van het Hollandsch Diep and the Volkerak". At the beginning of the 20th century, the construction was further reinforced with reinforced concrete. The fort served as a defense work until WWII. The current complex is still in exceptionally good condition.
Address: Fortlaan 10, Numansdorp Internet: www.fortbuitensluis.nl

Tip 2: National Landscape Center (NLC)
The center is not located directly on the route, but is well worth a small detour! The National Landscape Center is a visitor center that mainly focuses on experiencing the national landscape Hoeksche Waard. There is a permanent exhibition in text and image on all aspects of the national landscape. There is also a temporary exhibition of work by artists and photographers from the region. There is a separate exhibition about flower dikes for children. The visitor center is within walking distance of the center of Numansdorp and has catering facilities. From the terrace you can look out over the open landscape of the Hoeksche Waard.
Address: Veerweg 1c, Numansdorp. Telephone: 0186-653512 Internet: www.hwl.nl

Tip 3: Oriental Bekade Buntings
Together with the Oeverlanden Hollands Diep and the Hoogezandsche Gorzen, De Oosterse Bekade Gorzen form a continuous nature reserve between Strijensas and Numandorp. Here you will find unspoiled nature, with rough reed lands, open water, channels and creeks, nature outside the dykes and willow forests. This large nature reserve lies completely outside the dikes along the Hollands Diep. So with ebb and flow, which is rare for fresh water. The area is a haven for rare plants and birds.
Internet: www.staatsbosbeheer.nl/natuurgebied/ oeverlanden-hollands-deep

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# Description Distance
Numansdorp haven (TOP Numansdorp, 3281HB, Hoeksche Waard, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
10 (Schuringsedijk, 3281AV, Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 1.63 km
26 (Schuringsedijk, 3281KS, Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 6.84 km
27 (Fietsroutenetwerk Hoeksche Waard, 3291LH, Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 9.70 km
TOP Strijensas - Oeverlanden (Buitendijk, 3292, Strijen, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 14.64 km
29 (Schenkeldijk, 3291ED, Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 19.46 km

Place name directory

  • Hoeksche Waard, South Holland
  • Hoeksche Waard, Zuid-Holland
  • Cromstrijen, Zuid-Holland
  • Strijen, Zuid-Holland
  • Numansdorp, Zuid-Holland
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