The Leie region and the Flemish Ardennes

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From the Flemish Ardennes via the Leie region to the old city of Kortrijk: with this route you can pick up a lot of beautiful things! From rural tranquility to bustling city life, this bike tour offers something for everyone.

Flemish Ardennes
The starting point of this route is Het Landhuys, where you can drink a cup of coffee on the terrace with a view of the church of Nokere. Today you cycle through the green hills of the Flemish Ardennes - but don't worry, it doesn't do much more than hilly here. Through a rural area with small villages you quickly cross to the lazy winding Leie. You follow this river all the way to Kortrijk, near the French border.

Kortrijk is one of the oldest cities in Belgium. Around the year zero, the Romans founded the residential center 'Cortoriacum' here. Thanks to the flax and cloth industry, the city grew in the Middle Ages into one of the most prosperous cities in Flanders. If you have the time, continue cycling into the center. Further on, just before you reach Nokere again, you pass through the Kordaalbos, a wooded valley around the meandering Kordaalbeek.

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