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Dalfsen - Overijssel - The Netherlands

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3430 57
51.37 km
905 kcal
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The Vecht winds its way through a landscape in which bygone times have been preserved. In the Overijsselse Vechtdal you will find cozy villages, fairytale estates, pristine forests, hedgerows, meadows and of course the beautiful river Vecht. A wonderful area for a long and varied bike ride.

You start and end at grand café Het Oude Station just below Dalfsen. You can visit this cozy café for a delicious cup of coffee or a tasty lunch or evening meal. The Old Station itself is a real attraction. The Art Nouveau building, built in 1902, was designed by architect Eduard Cuypers and is still in its historic state. Incidentally, Dalfsen station is still part of an active train connection.

In any case, there is no shortage of monumental buildings on your route. In Dalfsen you cycle along the Westermolen. This thatched flour mill dates back to 1818 and has great scenic value. A little further you will pass the country estate Leemcule. This estate dates back to the fifteenth century, although the original castle was demolished at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Instead, the building house has been converted into a chic residential house. The Rutenberg is one of the few remaining manors in the Dalfsen region. The estate's history dates back to the fourteenth century. In 1828 a new country house was built.

You cross the Vecht and continue through the Sallandse land. In this bocage landscape you see many authentic farms where farming is still going on. You have beautiful views over the fields or meadows that are separated by ditches and canals. Every now and then there is a bench in such a quiet spot to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Salland region.

Towards the end of your route you will pass Castle Rechteren, the only medieval castle in Overijssel that is in very good condition despite the sharp ravages of time. Prince Maurits had the castle dismantled in 1591 to prevent the Spaniards from taking possession of this strong fortress. The ring wall was demolished and walls excavated. The fourteenth-century castle stands on a dead river arm of the Vecht and has been inhabited by the same family for several centuries. Neither the castle nor the surrounding park are accessible.

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