Around Eersel

Eersel - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 197818

Provided by: Brabantse Natuurpoorten

7687 172
42.91 km
756 kcal
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Life is good in the Brabant country. Experience it yourself with this route through the typical Brabant farm landscape with its fields, meadows and forests. The route takes you largely through the basin of two streams: De Run and De Keersop. In these stream landscapes you see hedgerows, heather fields and pools. There are also some beautiful hamlets and villages on the route. In old Walik, the core consists of a number of thatched Kempen long gable farms. The old historic village center can still be found in Eersel. The Markt en Hint, through which you drive, will even enjoy a protected village view because of their special and atmospheric character. You will find here a few Teutenhuizen. The route starts and ends at Natuurpoort Terspegelt. You will find a cozy terrace here.
Brabantse Natuurpoorten

Brabant Nature Gates are d? starting points for a cycling or walking tour through the Brabant countryside. Nature gates are located on beautiful nature reserves. There is always a catering point, nice cycling and walking routes, ample parking and information about nature and the routes.

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