Rondje Boekelo: stops of the steam train

Hiking in Enschede, Overijssel, The Netherlands

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This walking route starts at Landscape Camping't Scharrelhoes. The campsite is located on the edge of the village of Boekelo, where you will discover a number of nice shops and restaurants. Boekelo was still called Bokel in 1450. The name would mean Beukenbos. Today they know the book here as a tasty herbal liqueur. You also walk past Boekelo MBS: here you can take a break. Take a look at the Buurtspoorweg Museum, which houses old steam and diesel trains. Historic locomotives travel from station to station on narrow gauges, if you like you can take a ride to the Zoutindustrie stop and pick up this route again. The largest salt factory in the Netherlands once stood here! The name of the village was on all salt bags and barrels.
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# Description Distance
Landschapscamping ’t Scharrelhoes (7548 PE, Enschede, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
W02 (Beckumerstraat, 7548BG, Enschede, Overijssel, Nederland) 2.78 km
W79 (Windmolenweg, 7548BM, Enschede, Overijssel, Nederland) 2.99 km
W78 (Boekelosestraat, 7548AV, Enschede, Overijssel, Nederland) 3.11 km
Boekelo MBS (Dirk Papestraat, 7548AP, Enschede, Overijssel, Nederland) 3.22 km
W21 (Teesinkweg, 7548PH, Enschede, Overijssel, Nederland) 4.00 km

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  • Enschede, Overijssel
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