Monument route

Purmerend - North Holland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 182490

Provided by: Bureau Toerisme Laag Holland

1766 41
40.45 km
713 kcal
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Although this route is called the Monument Route, you will also encounter a lot of nature along the way. You cycle through a patchwork of polders (De Wijdewormer) and old peat meadow areas (Oostzanerveld, Ilperveld and Wormer- en Jisperveld) where sometimes geometrically tight ditches and then meandering rivers determine the landscape. Every now and then a characteristic ribbon village looms up on the horizon where the houses used to be built side by side on the high dikes. The number of monuments is remarkably large, especially in Jisp and Purmerend. Here you will also see beautiful, rich buildings built in a stately nineteenth-century style. In neighboring Wormer, it is mainly old warehouses that have obtained monument status. Due to its location on the Zaan, large ships came to unload their cargo here last century. That cargo was first stored here before it was spread over land. The names of these impressive storage palaces often refer to the origin of the cargo: Saigon, Batavia. Today, the many square meters are reused for houses, catering and cultural institutions. Diehards then continue pedaling quite a bit to junction 73 to enjoy De Zaanse Schans there. A monumental residential-work area from the eighteenth and nineteenth century with wooden mills, barns, houses and museums. All built in unique Zaanse wood-building architecture and each moved here from 1961.
Bureau Toerisme Laag Holland

In Laag Holland are the rustic villages of yesteryear. While cycling you will find Dutch history in the beautiful straight polder lines and the protected city and village views. Low Holland is a national landscape. The Defense Line of Amsterdam and the Beemster have been placed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO.

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