A walk through Almere city

Almere - Flevoland - The Netherlands

Hiking route 181781

Provided by: Groots Genieten

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287 kcal
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This young city developed rapidly in the second half of the twentieth century into one of the largest cities in the reclaimed Flevoland. The draining of Flevoland was done in two parts; between 1950 to 1957 and 1959 to 1968. This means that Almere can count itself as one of the fastest growing in the Netherlands. People who were originally supposed to settle in Amsterdam, but for whom the city no longer had space, ended up in Lelystad, or, from 1975, in Almere. Originally the city had several centers, but this structure has been lost due to the growing together of the different centers. From the nineties, more and more exclusive, striking homes have been built, so that you will be amazed in Almere. One of the most striking buildings is that of the Kunstlinie Arts Center, which was opened by Queen Beatrix in 2007, but you can also see unique examples of architecture in the Regenboogbuurt.

Strolls through the busy areas of the city, but also passes a lake where many people come to seek relaxation. On and around the weather water you will find a cable ski run, survival areas, a diving school, a lookout tower, a marina and four beaches. You can enjoy all the fun that goes with it at the picnic area.


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