Cycling along the Maas

Heusden - North Brabant - The Netherlands

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The provinces of Gelderland and Noord-Brabant are separated from each other by the Maas. Over the centuries, a patchwork quilt of unique nature reserves, characteristic towns and monumental buildings has emerged in this border area. This cycle route runs right through here.

Historical Heusden
The route starts at Minicamping De Reekens, on the edge of the fortified town of Heusden. From the campsite you have a beautiful view of the city walls of the historic town. An ideal starting point for peace seekers, cyclists, hikers and culture or nature lovers. From the campsite you follow the route to Heusden. The fortified town of Heusden has restored fortifications and 134 buildings on the List of Monuments. The town originated around one of the oldest water fortresses in northwestern Europe and was one of the first Dutch cities to be surrounded by a wall. Enough history to discover!

About the Maas
Then you cross the Maas and cycle along Wijk en Aalburg, take the ferry from Veen to Aalst and cycle past the Gebr. Braking in Zaltbommel. At Hedel you cross the Maas and enter Noord-Brabant. In the distance is the center of Den Bosch, but the route leads you west through the polder. You cycle along Haverleij, a particularly green suburb of Den Bosch.

Fort at Hedikhuizen
A little further on is the Fort at Hedikhuizen, which dates from 1862. The fort formed an important part of the Zuider Waterlinie and protected the inundation lock that could flood the area around Heusden via the Maas. The fort was used until 1952 and is still almost completely in its original state. Then you cycle to the final destination of this route: the fortified town of Heusden.

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