Walk on and around the Woldberg

Hiking in Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands

Hiking route 180057

Provided by: Groots Genieten

8290 232
15.1 km
03:46 h
859 kcal
24 m
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The fortified town of Steenwijk, the starting point of this walking route, was the heart of sailing routes in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The city walls and city canals are a feast for the eyes. Steenwijk is pleasant and lively, a city with a village atmosphere in the middle of a beautiful, versatile region. Because did you know that the flat and water-rich Overijssel just above Steenwijk suddenly changes into a rolling landscape? Here you will find the Steenwijkerwold, which consists of slightly sloping forests and ancient avenues. Wonderful walking area. The estate-like De Woldberg, with its 25 m above sea level, stands out like a mountain. Be sure to climb the new watchtower not far from the tea house here: 131 steps take you another 24 meters higher. The view extends far into four provinces and you can see Steenwijk beautifully from here. You will also pass Landgoed de Eese, which lies like a low moraine on a spur of the Drenthe boulder clay plateau. It is part of an elongated forest area that leads from the Woldberg towards the Drents Friese Wold National Park. The Eeserveld, at the furthest point of the route, is known for its burial mounds. Two can be found in a moor where medieval cart tracks were also found. special.
Tourist Transfer Point (TOP) Forest Heather Nature Route

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# Description Distance
P-WaterReijk (Spoorpad, 8332GB, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
b45 (Woldmeenthepad, 8332JE, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 0.55 km
B46 (8332AK, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 1.40 km
b62 (8332AK, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 1.45 km
B46 (8332AK, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 1.49 km
b47 (8346KP, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 2.58 km

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  • Steenwijkerland, Overijssel
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