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Teylingen - South Holland - The Netherlands

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The Zwanburgerpolder is a polder island just above Leiden. The polder was founded in 1632 and was responsible for water management in the polders until it merged in 1979 into the Veen- en Geestlanden. The polder has been drained by a mill for a long time, but nowadays people prefer to change the water level as little as possible. If you also want to explore the cities in the polder, then Sassenheim is a good candidate, but the gigantic amount of water in the lakes is enough to amaze you about this beautiful region. The bike tour takes you along the many windmills in the area, but after you have parked your car at TOP Sassenheim, you first cycle to the beautiful Huys te Warmond. It is not without reason that the building is called "the Pearl of the Randstad" by the residents. The imposing building forms the center of a beautiful 20-hectare park. The house is built on the remains of a medieval castle and is surrounded by water on three sides. The construction is strongly reminiscent of eighteenth-century country estates. The house is privately inhabited by people who can enjoy an original Louis XVI interior. One of the towers is decorated with "Barbara". With a casting year of 1392, this bell is one of the oldest in the Netherlands. Then the tour takes you to the Broekdijkmolen in Leiden. The beautiful octagonal ground sailer was built in 1840 and used as a polder mill. The mill went out of control in 1972 and burned down completely. The Broekdijk mill was completely rebuilt in 1976 with a new roof, rods and ongoing work. The mill now drains the polder Broek en Simontjes on a voluntary basis and cannot be visited. About seven kilometers further, just outside Rijpwetering, there are two mills within a radius of 500 meters: Lijkermolen No. 2 and the Lijkermolen No. 1. These mills are the only two twelve-sided mills in the Netherlands. Both mills date from 1780 and drain the Veender and Lijkerpolder. After almost 19 kilometers of cycling, 't Veen Food & Drink in Roelofarendsveen is a good place to catch your breath. Relaxing on the terrace, drinking a beer at the bar of the pub or dining in a more stylish way in the restaurant: everything is possible. When you have pampered the inner person and are a bit rested, it is time to cycle to the Dekkermolen. De Dekkermolen is a seesaw mill from 1911. The mill was moved in 1976, because a shopping center was built on the old location. The mill was last demolished and moved again in 2009. Since then, it can be admired in the barn of millmaker Verbij in Hoogmade. What is special is that this is one of the few remaining sawmills in the Netherlands. Finally, a look at the Vlietmolen is on the program. This hollow post mill dates from 1913. The mill was built to drain the Vlietpolder after another mill with that function burned down. At the bottom of the mill is a house, which is privately inhabited.
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