Walking below sea level

Lelystad - Flevoland - The Netherlands

Hiking route 177031

Provided by: Groots Genieten

4925 106
13.27 km
754 kcal
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Walking through a forest that is four meters below sea level? It is possible in Het Hollandse Hout, a nature reserve of about 900 hectares near Lelystad. The trees seem old, but were only planted in the 1970s after the draining of Flevoland. You mainly walk among poplars: fast growers that thrive on the nutritious clay soil of the former Zuiderzee. There are also willows, alders, oaks and beeches, which makes the Dutch Wood one of the few deciduous forests in our country. Yet this forest is also used for wood production. Along the path are felled trunks or you can see the stumps of sawn down trees. This management gives other trees more space for their natural development, but also shrubs in which foxes, deer and other animals like to hide. If you step along the western edge of the forest, you have a view of the adjacent Oostvaardersplassen. There are several picnic benches to enjoy the new wilderness. Who knows, you might see a sea eagle flying overhead.

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