Heavenly Dutch Dune

Hiking in Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands

Hiking route 177027

Provided by: Groots Genieten

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5.6 km
01:24 h
319 kcal
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This route takes you through Hollands Duin, a narrow but varied nature reserve above Noordwijk. Wind and water formed the beach and dunes here. If you look closely, you can see traces of foxes and rabbits in the loose sand of the dunes. The sandy southern slopes of the dunes have a desert climate: in summer the temperature on the ground can rise to over 60 degrees Celsius. You will see plenty of dune violets, bitterwort and sand sedges growing here. Fortunately they can withstand the cold, because on a clear summer night it can freeze here. People created fields in this strip of dunes and extracted water from the dunes. They also planted dense forests where you can now see squirrels jumping from branch to branch and hear woodpeckers drumming. If you walk over the dune tops, you have beautiful views of the bulb fields in the polder, of the villages and of course on the beach, where the surf of the North Sea rustles through. An ideal time to take out a blanket and grab a hold of the picnic basket. Or to lie back and enjoy the sun.
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Tour tip; Hiking with kids! Routes up to 5 km are ideal

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# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats (2204BC, Noordwijk, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
80 (Weideweg, 2204AB, Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 1.04 km
Duindamseweg, 2204BN, Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Nederland 2.41 km
Duindamseweg, 2204AS, Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Nederland 3.23 km
79 (Weideweg, 2204AB, Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 4.88 km
Parkeerplaats (Randweg, 2204BC, Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 5.61 km

Place name directory

  • Noordwijk, South Holland
  • Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland
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