Along the New Waterway

Cycling in Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands

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Cycle the entire Nieuwe Waterweg and explore the coastal area between Hoek van Holland and Maassluis. Hoek van Holland in particular is known for its beautiful waters, nature and dune areas, not to mention the beaches. The area arose as a sandbank in the mouth of the Meuse, which became increasingly silted after the Saint Elisabeth flood of 1421. The development of the city as a seaside resort started after the First World War and you can now enjoy many beautiful, varied natural areas along the coast. The Oranjekanaal, De Zeven Meren, the Staelduinse Bos, the Kapittelduinen and the beaches are just a few of the many recreational opportunities that Hoek van Holland offers. You start the route at Peter van Leeuwen Tweewielers in Hoek van Holland and from here you explore the area.

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# Description Distance
Peter van Leeuwen Tweewielers (Prins Hendrikstraat, 3151 AH, Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
22 (3151XP, Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands) 1.54 km
37 (3151XT, Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands) 7.46 km
40 (3143, Maassluis, South Holland, The Netherlands) 11.27 km
38 (3142, Maassluis, South Holland, The Netherlands) 11.93 km
39 (3155EL, Midden-Delfland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 13.22 km

Place name directory

  • Rotterdam, South Holland
  • Maassluis, South Holland
  • Midden-Delfland, South Holland
  • Vlaardingen, South Holland
  • Westland, South Holland
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