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Cycling in Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands

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During your tour of Voorne you will pass through a beautiful wooded area and along nice places that are worth a discovery by bike. At the beginning of the seventeenth century, a fortified town was built to strengthen the existing harbor. Hellevoetsluis grew until the nineteenth century because of the importance of the port town, but when the port of Rotterdam was opened up around 1830 by the construction of a canal, the activity in Hellevoetsluis declined. The town suffered a severe blow during the Second World War, when the Germans demolished it to a large extent to improve their firing range. After the war, hard work was done to restore Hellevoetsluis to its old allure. In 1960 the three municipalities Hellevoetsluis, Nieuw-Helvoet and Nieuwenhoorn were merged into one new, large municipality and in the years that followed Hellevoetsluis grew. The harbor influences are still clearly noticeable. Its commercial importance has declined, but the port has regained a strong recreational value in return.

Cycling along the shores of the Oostvoornse Meer you can look out over an industrial area that is unparalleled. The petrochemical industry blows impressive clouds of smoke into the air here. The Oostvoornse meer was created when the Brielse Gat was constructed in 1966, which caused a separation with the North Sea. Although not many fish live in the lake, you can find the three-spined stickleback, eel, turbot, tadpoles, bullheads, eel, cockles, sand scavengers, trout species and herring. Anyone who goes to take a look under water will encounter shipwrecks, because the Oostvoorne lake is a true ship's graveyard thanks to a sandbank that used to be there.

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# Description Distance
TOP Brielle (TOP Brielle, 3231KD, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
26 (3231CM, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 1.89 km
27 (3231NA, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 2.34 km
Restaurant Bogey's (Krabbeweg, 3231 NB, Brielle, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.58 km
54 (3233XL, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 9.24 km
52 (3233XJ, Westvoorne, South Holland, The Netherlands) 10.22 km

Place name directory

  • Brielle, South Holland
  • Westvoorne, South Holland
  • Hellevoetsluis, South Holland
  • Nissewaard, South Holland
  • South Holland
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