LF 51 Kempenroute - Part of Flanders

Antwerp - Flanders - Belgium

Cycling route 166214

Provided by: Grote Routepaden

3579 24
82.29 km
1450 kcal
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LF 51 Kempenroute - Part of Flanders The LF 51 Kempenroute is a route of 120 km, partly in Flanders and in the Netherlands, straight through the Kempenland with its forests, fens, heaths and meadows. The Flemish route is approximately 75 km. 'Where the heath touches the sky' is how a Postel priest once described the beautiful landscape of De Kempen effectively. With this adventurous trip you will discover the beauty and splendor of this boundless region. You cycle along exciting paths along a mosaic of old arable land, hedges and ramparts. You cross barren heaths and follow the marshy soils along foaming streams deep into the woods on the Dutch-Belgian border. Rushes, reed collars and fragrant gale give way to forest anemone, pine resin and soggy moss. With a bit of luck a startled deer, hare or lurking hawk will fly past you at full speed. Admire the Kempen in all its facets while cycling! From east to west The route crosses the Belgian-Dutch border at Postel. You arrive in Dessel along the Dessel-Turnhout-Schoten canal. You leave the canal to cycle through the typical Kempen landscape via Kasterlee to Herentals. You cycle along the Gedempte through Grobbendonk to the Albert Canal. This channel takes you via Vierseldijk, Massenhoven, Oelegem, Wijnegem to Merksem, part of Antwerp. Through the port area and the hangars along the Scheldt you reach Het Steen the end point of the route. Linked routes Near Postel, the Dutch part of the LF 51 Kempen route connects to the Flemish route of the LF 51.

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