LF 30 Scheldt-Delta Route - Part of Flanders

Cycling in Wachtebeke, Flanders, Belgium

Cycling route 166020

Provided by: Grote Routepaden

3419 8
102.1 km
06:00 h
1800 kcal
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The LF 30 is one of the four cross connections on the large loop of the Flanders Cycle Route. This international route connects the Delta area of Zeeland (Nl) from Breskens via Biervliet and Sas van Gent with the Scheldt in Ghent. From there it follows the stream across Belgian territory to the southwest of East Flanders (Kluisbergen). The entire route is 150 km long, the Belgian route is a 100 km trip. Cycle for an invigorating rejuvenation cure along the old arms of the Scheldt and through the bustling vat of Ghent. From north to south: The LF 30 enters Flanders via Oude Polder. South of Wachtebeke you cycle around the provincial domain of Puyenbroek. The route runs through an open agricultural landscape just past Laarne, together with the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route, into the center of Ghent. It can be busy in Ghent, so enjoy the peace and quiet in Laarne in the vicinity of the medieval castle, complete with towers and moat. After Ghent you continue upstream on the banks of the Scheldt. In Zevergem you will have to force yourself not to leave the path on the dike and to explore the paths along the banks of the old cut off Scheldt arms. They look mysterious and alluring and they open up perspectives on a romantic cycling moment. After Gavere you get a small taste of a Flemish Ardennes trail, but that's it. From Dikkelvenne, the route quickly settles back on the Schede bank. In Oudenaarde you just don't cycle on the Markt, but this beautiful setting for the late Gothic town hall in Brabant is only 300 m outside the route. After Oudenaarde you cycle in the direction of the Kluisberg. The LF 30 ends in Ruien at the foot of this Flemish hill, at a junction with the LF 6 Flanders Cycle Route. From here you have two choices: enter the flat West Flanders via Esfcanaffles or brave the Kluisberg and continue over East Flemish soil. Round trip The LF 30 is a perfect link for multi-day trips through the provinces of West and East Flanders. Linked routes The other cross connections are the LF 2, LF 35 and LF 38. Near the Sas van Gent, near the Oudenburgse Sluis, the Flemish part of the LF 30 connects to the Dutch section of the LF 30.
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# Description Distance
82 (9185, Wachtebeke, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
69 (9185, Wachtebeke, Flanders, Belgium) 1.83 km
68 (9185, Wachtebeke, Flanders, Belgium) 3.87 km
67 (Knokkestraat, 9185, Wachtebeke, Flanders, Belgium) 5.46 km
82 (9185, Wachtebeke, Flanders, Belgium) 8.96 km
84 (9185, Wachtebeke, Flanders, Belgium) 11.61 km

Place name directory

  • Wachtebeke, Flanders
  • Lokeren, Flanders
  • Lochristi, Flanders
  • Laarne, Flanders
  • Destelbergen, Flanders
  • Ghent, Flanders
  • Nazareth, Flanders
  • Gavere, Flanders
  • Zwalm, Flanders
  • Kruisem, Flanders
  • Oudenaarde, Flanders
  • Kluisbergen, Flanders
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