LF 9 NAP route - Part Flanders

Cycling in Alphen-Chaam, North Brabant, The Netherlands

Cycling route 166012

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4254 16
51.0 km
03:00 h
899 kcal
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This LF route is the Flemish tail end of the Dutch LF 9 NAP route. The route follows a track with a special theme: the Noord Amsterdams Peil. It follows as closely as possible the coastline that would be created if all the dikes and dunes were lost. This cycle route runs diagonally through the Netherlands over 455 km from Nieuweschans in the extreme northeast to Breda. South of Breda you will find a connection with the Flemish section LF 9. The route enters Flanders in Meer and runs via Loenhout and Brecht to Zoersel, a route of 50 km. From Loenhout the LF 9 runs in the bed of the former LF 50'Youth hostel route\\\'. Explore the quiet Kempen and enjoy the sun in a glass of Westmalle Trappist beer afterward. From north to south: The first ten kilometers of the route on Flemish soil follows a car-free cycle path along the Mark, a picturesque river that rises near Turnhout. Then you cycle along allotment roads where only agricultural vehicles are allowed. You briefly arrive at the edge of the Brechtse moors, but a little further on, the Trappist abbey of Westmalle beckons. You only have to leave the route for two kilometers to enjoy a double or a triple. In Eindhoven (Zoersel) the LF 9 connects with the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route. The youth hostel of Zoersel is a special stage. You will be welcomed by an enthusiastic team of volunteers. Linked routes From north to south: South of Breda, near Meer, there is a connection with the Dutch route of the LF 9. The LF 9 NAP route overlaps with the St. Jacobs route between Breda (Nl) and Meer (B ). There is also a junction in Zoersel with this route to Compostela. Between Terbeek and Brecht there are several junctions with the Van Gogh route. Just past Zoersel there is a connection with the LF 5, the northern arm of the Flanders Cycle Route.
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# Description Distance
43 (4855AG, Alphen-Chaam, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
31 (2328, Hoogstraten, Flanders, Belgium) 0.73 km
14 (Groot Eyssel, 2328, Hoogstraten, Flanders, Belgium) 2.63 km
13 (2321, Hoogstraten, Flanders, Belgium) 6.79 km
30 (2321, Hoogstraten, Flanders, Belgium) 7.74 km
51 (Maxburgdreef, 2321, Hoogstraten, Flanders, Belgium) 12.39 km

Place name directory

  • Alphen-Chaam, North Brabant
  • Hoogstraten, Flanders
  • Wuustwezel, Flanders
  • Brecht, Flanders
  • Malle, Flanders
  • Zoersel, Flanders
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