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Aalten - Gelderland - The Netherlands

Cycling route 164760

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61.60 km
1085 kcal
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Explore the beautiful countryside of Aalten with this cross-border bike tour. The blooming field edges lure you further and further and to the east of Aalten are two nature reserves that are part of the National Landscape Winterswijk. The semi-open landscape with small plots and cute farms are interspersed with large ash trees, lined with groves, avenues and hedgerows. Bredevoort is also fun to visit. In the historic core of Bredevoort, the Bredevoort Boekenstad Foundation, which was active from 1993 to 2009, organized a number of large book markets. The foundation was also at the cradle of the Saturday market and the clearance market that was organized on Easter Monday. A relic are the many antiquarian bookshops and second-hand bookstores where you can browse. Because of these activities, Bredevoort is also called 'book city'. And along the way you can take a good look at the cultural heritage of the Netherlands: windmills! The first mill you will encounter on the way is the Kemper Mill in Breedenbroek. The belt mill, built in 1882, has always been in the possession of the Kemper family, which explains its name. The round stone mill is a national monument and is regularly put into operation by volunteer millers. About six kilometers further you will see the Teunis Mill, which was built in 1822. The mill was previously called "De Haan", but the mill was popularly named after a nearby farm called "Het Teunishuis". Slowly the original name of belt mill became corrupted. The flour mill is still regularly put into operation, although the grain is milled on a voluntary basis. Grinding is done with one pair of grinding stones. Finally, you will see the Wenninkmolen in Lintelo, which dates from 1860. Just like the Kemper mill, the round stone flour mill is named after the family that owned it: the Wennink family. The family relinquished the mill in 1920 and since 2007 the mill has been part of a foundation dedicated to preserving the mill. Although the mill was electrically powered for a number of years, it has been powered by wind power again since 1980. Hotel Restaurant Bertram in picturesque Bredevoort is located at the beginning and end of this route. Here you immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of a former city farm from 1704. A nice cup of coffee with freshly baked apple pie or a more elaborate lunch or dinner takes place here in a domestic atmosphere, where you can do nothing but enjoy cozy hospitality. You can also spend the night there, which makes Hotel Restaurant Bertram ideal to combine with route 122481 or route 115053, so that you can unwind with a wonderful cycling holiday.

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